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中枢神経系(CNS)における特定の細胞および分子プロセスを理解する上で、個々の細胞集団を研究することが重要です。2016年にPLoS ONE で報告された論文で、神経系細胞集団の分離における磁気細胞分離の5つのベネフィットがハイライトされました

Struggling with cytokine variability every time you purchase a new batch?

Selecting the appropriate growth factors and cytokines for your cell culture studies is critical to the overall success of your results. Cell culture experiments are always subject to a certain degree of variability, and most researchers struggle to minimize inconsistency and improve reproducibility.

Is background signal from antibodies messing up your flow cytometry results?

Flow cytometry enables simultaneous multi-parameter analysis of single cells and has become one of the most powerful tools in biological research today. From analyzing cell size to characterizing cell types in a mixed cell population, flow cytometry helps address a wide variety of research questions.

Improve scientific reproducibility with recombinant antibodies

Recombinant reagents are highly standardized in their structure and performance leading to improved experimental reproducibility. Read more about how recombinant antibodies can enhance the quality of your research.

Neonatal Cardiomyocyte Isolation: A New Approach

Pure populations of primary cardiomyocytes have long been a powerful tool in cardiovascular research and now a non-classical methodology has emerged for walkaway dissociation of neonatal hearts in 1 hour.

Keep a heart beating

Pure and extensively characterized preparations of fully functional cardiomyocytes are critical to researching the interplay of cardiomyocytes with other heart cell types.

Exosomes become visible with flow cytometry

Previously believed to be no more than garbage disposal systems of the cell, evidence is rapidly accumulating to the role of exosomes as messengers conveying information between cells.

Five T helper cells in seven gates

Using these seven simple gating steps, you’ll isolate data on five different helper T cell subsets for further analyses.

Can SSCs repair diabetic tissue damage?

The REDDSTAR project is exploring the use of mesenchymal stromal stem cells (SSCs) for repairing diabetes mellitus tissue damage and treating hyperglycaemia.

The best antibody is the best fit

Reliable, consistent, and high-quality research tools are important to safeguard your time and budget.
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